[Interview] Let’s stay mobilized, with Mr Deltrieu, Director of Geofondation.

[InterviewLet’s stay mobilized, with Mr Deltrieu, Director of Geofondation.

Despite this current exceptional context, we want to remain committed to our customers and stay by their side. Mr Deltrieu, you called Technidrill last week for some pressurized drilling equipment.

How are you experiencing the current situation?

We have been experiencing a decrease in the market since September 2019, so we had already reduced our plan and we had not renewed some contracts.
Before the government’s announcement we had already reduced our workforce (1 non-renewed fixed-term contract and 1 layoff was already planned and 2 sick leaves).
This is what allows us today to continue and remain open.
Today we have lost 1/3 of the activity and we have 2 out of 3 production teams operating.
All the industrial sites and closed sites have postponed or cancelled their work.
We have a drastic order decrease. We went from 15 quotes a week down to 5 now
All the equipment rental companies and all the large contractors closed.
We have no visibility and it is important today to maintain a margin of control.

Have you been able to put the sanitary measures in place?

Starting mid-March, we put everything we could in place to protect our employees by using all the required safety and sanitary gestures.
We hold on temping, carpooling, overnight staying and travelling.
Employees had to adapt their work to respect safety distances. Everyone has different tasks to perform. They have changed their habits and ways of doing things.

How do you feel about the recovery?

100% of the employees think that the recovery will be very strong and that it is necessary to be prepared.
I am more doubtful on my side. What is happening in the United States is going to happen to us.
Part time working is a good idea, but what is on the horizon are the social plans.
I have colleagues who have 100% of their team who have appealed for the right of withdrawal and their activities are completely shut down.
We have to resume a minimum of activity today.

Have you had any difficulties in finding suppliers?

Suppliers have closed without notice and without warning.
I disagree, we cannot operate like this.
I understand some of them can face some logistics issues, however this is not a reason to shut down overnight without warning us and on top of that without a back up plan.
It is not possible.

Why did you choose Technidrill?

We have worked together in the past and we are Eurofor customers.
Technidrill has been the only one to be reactive and open.

What is your conclusion?

There are deserters and those who go into battle.
Technidrill and Eurofor have always followed up with their customers.
We know who we can rely on now.