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  • Creation of Eurofor by Michel Cohade. Company importing Furukawa drilling machines (PCR200).

  • Michel Cohade wishes to diversify his activity and launches FORALOC, a rental company specialized in drilling.

  • Hervé Cohade takes over the Eurofor – Foraloc group.

  • Acquisition of the Comacchio distribution rights for France.

  • Launch of Drillteam!

    You can now rent a drill with operators.

  • Eurofor opens its subsidiary in Algeria, Sahamat. These are the first steps towards international expansion.

  • The group becomes a manufacturer of drilling tools and equipment with the acquisition of Technidrill.

  • The group continues its international development.

    It opens a subsidiary in Ivory Coast, Wamines, and acquires TMBohrtechnik in Austria, manufacturer of drilling rigs, crawler drilling rigs and ODDS custom drilling systems.

  • Acquisition of Reichdrill in Pennsylvania, manufacturer of drilling machines for open-pit mines.



    Creation and launch of the RTDrill brand.

    Pooling of the know-how of our 2 Reichdrill and TMBohrtechnik factories.

  • Launch of the Drill-i brand and the drilling simulator!

    More than 30 training courses and 10 courses on special work drilling, drilling, mining, health & safety and maintenance.



    Distribution of drilling and demolition equipment and materials

    For more than 40 years, Eurofor has been a distributor of drilling machines and equipment in France, in Algeria through Sahamat and in West Africa through Wamines.

    We are specialized in geotechnics, water drilling, special works and in mines and quarries.

    In France, commercial coverage is ensured by our sales team, managed from our headquarters in Chassieu (near Lyon) and our branch in the Paris region (Wissous) for drilling machines and by regional representatives for demolition equipment.

    Thanks to our technical teams, maintenance is carried out throughout France in our workshops in Chassieu (69) and Wissous (91) or by our mobile technicians.


    Rental of drilling equipment

    Foraloc is specialized in the rental of drilling equipment and the sale of second-hand machines. More than 150 drilling machines, drilling rigs, injection equipment and drilling equipment are immediately available at our Chassieu (69) and Wissous (91) facilities to meet your rental and investment needs.

    We work with brands such as Comacchio, Furukawa and Metax for the quality and reliability of their products as well as the new associated technologies. We collaborate with our suppliers such as Technidrill, Mincon and Mitsubishi in order to provide you with equipment that meets your constraints at the best price.

    Short term, hourly or daily and long term, monthly or longer, simply select your option. Your needs and constraints are our priority to ensure the smooth running of your drilling project.

    Your teams are unavailable? With Drillteam, we offer machine rental with a driller, drilling assistant and cementing operator.

    Choose Foraloc, your comprehensive drilling partner!


    Manufacturing and distribution of drilling equipment

    Technidrill designs, manufactures and distributes drilling, coring and sounding equipment throughout the world.

    Our entire range of tubular and coring equipment is manufactured in our production unit located in Carros (06) in France, which is ISO 9001 – V2015 certified.

    Thanks to the engineering teams in its design office, Technidrill can meet all your needs, even the most complex.


    Design and manufacture of drilling rigs and crawler drilling rigs

    RTDrill is the combination of the know-how of our Reichdrill and TMBohrtechnik plants.

    Reichdrill designs and manufactures a wide range of fixed production drills.

    The company, of American origin and over 70 years old, ensures that its machines can meet the requirements of its customers thanks to the interaction of its engineers in the design office and the knowledge of its technical teams.

    TM Bohrtechnik designs and manufactures down-the-hole (DTH) drilling rigs and crawler drilling rigs.

    The company, of Austrian origin, develops customized drilling solutions (On Demand Drilling Systems / ODDS) to meet specific demands for which there are no standard solutions on the market.

  • Sahamat

    Group subsidiary in Algeria

    Algerian distributor of drilling machines and equipment from the Furukawa, Metso and Doosan brands.

  • Wamines

    Group subsidiary in Ivory Coast

    Ivorian distributor of drilling machines and equipment.


    Drilling training

    Drill-i by Foraloc is THE reference for your specialized drilling training. We offer more than 30 training courses as well as 10 courses on drilling special works, sounding, mining, health & safety and maintenance.

    Referenced on Datadock since 2017, you can follow trainings from 1 day to 7 weeks carried out by 15 trainers with more than 30 years of experience in drilling. We support you during your tailor-made projects to best adapt to your training needs, in our training centers or directly at your site.

    We have several partnerships with training organizations and schools such as the Emile Pico Center in Mallemort (13), the Excellence Center of the FNTP (21) and the UniLaSalle Polytechnic Institute of Beauvais (60).

    So, don’t worry, drill happy with Drill-i!


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