Our ambition is to look after your performance by supporting you on a daily basis. Your success is our success. Together, let's design and build our future!

Hervé Cohade
President of Euroforgroup

It is because we are in a fast-moving world that it is important for us to know our own values.

Values are the reference points that allow us to make decisions and evolve while maintaining maximum consistency in our actions. The more these values are shared within the company, the more likely it is that the company will evolve in a consistent manner.

By publishing the group’s values, we are aware that they are not perfectly and permanently present in our corporate life, but in any case, we actively seek to embody them.

The values that our group has chosen for itself are as follows:

  • Have fun working together
  • Behave frankly and with Honesty with each other and with those around us.
  • Give each other Autonomy, i.e. a real capacity to decide quickly by ourselves and without absolute control by the hierarchy.
  • Enjoy Success and never lose sight of the fact that it is essential for our development.
  • Take Responsibility for each of our actions
  • Doing things right and to the end with our joint Commitment

To these 6 values that were chosen by the group’s employees, I would like to add that goodwill, i.e. the ability to listen to and tell each other things without passing judgment, is an important element in the quality of relations with our customers, partners and among us.


  • Fun

    In the quest for shared fun, the company attaches great importance to the working atmosphere, friendliness and the quality of working conditions.
    The subject is addressed several times during the year through surveys and audits conducted by the HR department but also through employees' annual reviers.

  • Honesty

    Honesty is a fundamental value of the company.
    It allows us to question and understand our strengths and weaknesses.
    It is our level of honesty and integrity that inspires respect and is the basis for building trust with our clients.

  • Autonomy

    Freedom within a defined framework!
    Making good use of the room for maneuver granted to us while at the same time being rigorous. The company values autonomy at work as an important issue because it is an essential factor in the quality of life at work.

  • Responsibility

    Use our skills and expertise to achieve total customer satisfaction. To be guarantors of our values and commitments.

  • Success

    The success of the company is based on the success of our customers by taking into account commitments to them such as: analyzing and understanding their needs, providing them with products and services, supporting them on a permanent basis.

  • Commitment

    The company strives to strengthen employee commitment, which is a factor in overall performance driven by well-being at work, personal fulfilment, recognition and potential for development.